Let's Draw the Line Between Youth & Destructive Behaviors

What Will You Draw the Line Against? Take a Stand. Get Empowered.

The Prosser Mustang Thrive Coalition is taking on the planning and implementation of the Let's Draw the Line campaign. By raising awareness and empowering our youth to draw the line against destructive behaviors, we're setting our teens, families, and community up for a brighter future. 

What Do We Stand Against? Take a look at what our members are drawing the line against.

  • Tobacco & Vaping

    Because we want to live longer, healthier lives. 

  • Alcohol

    Because we like being in control of our minds and bodies.

  • Bullying

    Because we know that everyone is fighting their own battles.

  • Self-Harm & Suicide

    Because it gets better, and we've got so much to look forward to. 

  • Drugs

    Because nothing will stop us from achieving our goals.

  • Marijuana

    Because we can't take on the world from behind a haze.

Change Starts With You. Be positive. Be awesome. But most importantly, be yourself. 

We all look to one another for examples of what to do and how to be. When you draw the line against behaviors that limit your potential, your peers will take notice—and some may just join you.

How will you get involved? Help us make a positive impact in our community. There's something for everyone!