Mission & Values Making a Positive Impact on Today's Youth and our Community Through Youth Substance Abuse Education & Prevention

What We Believe

We believe the promise of a better tomorrow lies in the youth of today. We believe in creating healthy communities where everyone can be safe and productive. We believe in families working together to learn to communicate better. We believe in empowering young people to make choices that will set them up for a lifetime of success.

Our Mission: To build and sustain a healthy community through youth substance abuse prevention and education.

Our coalition is strong with the heart and will needed to make positive impacts on the community. With the help of youth, parents, and participants from all sectors of our community, we will identify specific needs within the Prosser community and find ways to effectively address them. Together, we will help make Prosser a healthier, safer community.

Our Key Values Driving Us Toward Excellence

At the core of everything we do are the values upon which the Thrive organization was founded. 


Creating acceptance and tolerance among all involved, and working together to provide bridges between race, culture, spirituality, income, education, gender identity, and sexual orientation. 


Recognizing the importance of respecting our neighbors, taking care of others, acknowledging the youth perspective, and working together as a community for a common goal.


Instilling a sense of safety and security among our community members through prevention, protecting our community, and helping to make Prosser stronger.


Setting a great example by working hard, staying positive, doing our best, providing encouragement, and taking responsibility. 

Our History Affecting Positive Change Since 2013

The Prosser CIA Coalition was formed in April 2013 by 8 different community sectors wanting to have a positive impact on today’s youth. The Prosser Coalition is made up of individuals from all walks of life, residents, different ethnicities and many citizens that are already involved in community activities with similar goals and objectives. Together, we work to prevent youth substance abuse through meaningful action and education. 

How will you get involved? Help us make a positive impact in our community. There's something for everyone!