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Prosser Thrive Leadership Guiding Our Coalition. Fighting for Our Community.

The Executive Team

Our executive team is made up of a phenomenal group of people who guide our coalition, provide leadership and direction, and ensure that our work is having a positive and lasting impact on the Prosser community. 


Chris Cisneros Chair
Youth Serving Organization Sector Representative


Briseida Chavez Co-Chair
Other Substance Abuse Agency Representative


Jani Andrews Secretary
Parent Sector Representative


Lisa Galbraith Treasurer
Health Sector Representative

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Coming soon! Member at Large

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Genesis Cosina Student Assistance Professional
ESD 123 Representative


Rachel Shaw Immediate Past President
Local Government Sector Representative


Our staff provide the day-to-day services and support that keep our organization running and working toward its goals.


Brittany Aguilar Coalition Director
Prosser Thrive Coalition


Erika Wassom Project Coordinator
Prosser Thrive Coalition

Coalition Meetings Driving Us Toward Excellence

The Prosser Thrive coalition meets the third Thursday of every month at 8:15 AM. We are currently meeting in a hybrid format.

In-person: Prosser Bethel Church, 270 N Gap Rd, Prosser

Virtual: Please email for the link

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes

  • January Meeting Minutes
  • February Meeting Minutes
  • March Meeting Minutes
  • April Meeting Minutes
  • May Meeting Minutes
  • June Meeting Minutes (Key Leader)
  • July Meeting Minutes (No Meeting)
  • August Meeting Minutes 
  • September Meeting Minutes
  • October Meeting Minutes 
  • November Meeting Minutes
  • December Meeting Minutes 

Standing Committees

Interested in joining a committee or sub-committee? Get in touch with us.

Recruitment & Membership

This committee is in charge of identifying gaps in membership and sector representation.  They brainstorm and plan for different events and activities they should participate in to gain membership and share awareness.  They are in charge of recruiting volunteers when needed.  They meet one time per month until membership is balanced and then quarterly, as needed.


This committee is in charge of setting up dates, venues, and recruitment for throughout the year.  Meeting times vary depending on upcoming trainings (if we are hosting vs if we are attending).  The committee is the deciding vote on who will attend the trainings if too many people are interested.

Strategic Planning

This committee is in charge of gathering data, reviewing past data, working on plans of improvement, deciding programs, updating current plans, and sharing all updates for voting at general membership meetings.  This committee meets sometimes weekly during key deadline dates (July 1) and otherwise meets quarterly to review and update as needed.

Access Team

This committee is in charge of identifying local outlets for marijuana and alcohol products.  Deciding process, setting up dates and times for activities, making contact with any officials, managers, etc. needed, and providing follow up on projects.  The committee works closely with the Recruitment committee to identify needed volunteers.  This committee meets bi-weekly for planning and when tasks are complete, shares information and any updates with coalition membership.  This program is ongoing.


This committee is responsible for ensuring programs have all the supplies and support they need.  They are responsible for reviewing local data, debriefing programs, and attending any relevant training needed to be proficient in each program, i.e.: GGC.  Committee members should be interested in programs, developing partnerships, and reviewing data.  This committee is used to promote through media, work with counselors and school staff members to promote programs, and is also be available to do special recognitions. 

Community Policy

This committee is in charge of writing any needed policy, attending local meetings with key leaders, and participating in activities related to policy change, i.e.: school board meetings.   This committee meets 1-2 times per month, as needed and decided upon by committee.  After policies are in place, the committee meets a minimum of one time every 6 months for policy review and to make any updates needed or added to action plan.


This committee is in charge of any media campaigns.  The members work closely with other sub-committees to help them get the best possible media coverage for every project, program, and strategy.  Individuals on this committee should be knowledgeable of local resources and/or have positive relationships with different media outlets.  This committee meets one time per month, as needed.  


This committee is in charge of setting the agenda, representing at sub-committees, and sharing updates with general membership.  This committee is made up of elected officers, past officers, people with interest in becoming officers. and coalition staff members. You can read more about the executive team and who is on our executive team.

Ad Hoc Sub-Committees

(Additional Ad Hoc Committees will be formed as needed)

Resource Expo

This committee is in charge of our annual (semi-annual) resource expo event.  This committee sets dates, finds venues, and contacts vendors regarding attending.  Also, this group is in charge of media and in-kind donations for food.  This committee meets 2 times per month for 2 months prior to the event (more or less, as needed).

Prescription Take Back Program

This committee is in charge of organizing the take-back program. They work closely with city government and the service provider for prescription drug removal.  They decide a time and place, as well as make sure all protocols are followed.  They rally volunteers to cover the times of the program and work with the recruitment committee, as needed.  They also provide a media strategy.  This committee meets 1-2 times per month up until the event and have one follow-up meeting to debrief and prepare outcome for full coalition meeting.

Nominating Committee

This committee is in charge of assessing the assets of the coalition, identifying potential matches in partnerships and committee members. This committee is responsible for seeking out new executive members and board representatives.  This committee will meet as needed a minimum of one time every 6 months.

How will you get involved? Help us make a positive impact in our community. There's something for everyone!