Talk. They Hear You. Talk to Your Kids About Drugs & Alcohol. They're Watching & Listening.

Drugs, Alcohol, and Mental Illness are Big Issues Affecting Today's Youth Don't miss the opportunity to let your kids know where you stand.

The Prosser Thrive coalition is committed to helping parents and families prevent problem behaviors by having productive conversations with their youth about the dangers of drug and alcohol use and other problem behaviors. Together with local families and like-minded organizations, we're getting the word out about this important campaign. 

  • Family having dinner together

    Having dinner as a family

    A perfect time to talk about alcohol.

    Prosser's teen alcohol use rate is above the state average. This makes it urgent to find every opportunity to talk to your kids about the dangers of underage drinking. For tips on how and when to begin conversations, get involved with Prosser Thrive. Remember, you are your child's number one influence.

  • Mother an 2 daughters cooking - Talk. they hear you.

    Preparing a meal together

    A perfect moment to ask how they're doing.

    More than a third of Prosser teens have reported feelings of depression. Parents know their children better than anyone—talk to your kids, and they hear you.

  • Father and daughter working in yard

    Doing chores with mom and dad

    A perfect moment to talk about marijuana.

    An alarming number of youth in the Prosser community have used marijuana or have access to it. Each year, more and more pre-teens and teens start to use. Find an opportunity to talk to your children about the dangers of marijuana use and your expectations for them. 

  • Mother talking to son on porch

    Before the big sleepover

    A great time to talk to your kids about prescription drugs.

    Each year the Prosser community survey indicates over 60% of adults have prescription drugs in the home they no longer use and don't monitor. About 10% of our 10th grade population report using prescription drugs. Talk to your kids about your expectations about prescription drugs. make sure to dispose of unused or unwanted medications in your home—you may not be the only one with access. 

Make it a Productive Conversation Get the Facts. Get Educated. Get Support When You Need It.

Having a productive conversation with your kids about about drugs, alcohol, and mental health starts with educating yourself on the issues. Check out our resources page for information, frequently asked questions, resources, and links to help you make the most of your conversation.

Marijuana Abuse

Let's talk about marijuana legalization, and how it changes our perception of the drug.

Tobacco Abuse

Let's discuss habits and how our peers and lifestyle motivators can influence them.

Alcohol Abuse

Let's Prove, once and for all, that you don't need alcohol to have a great time.

Drug Abuse

Let's give young people the tools they need to make decisions they can be proud of.

Suicide Prevention

Let's eliminate the stigma of mental health issues and work together to stop bullying.

How will you get involved? Help us make a positive impact in our community. There's something for everyone!